Santa Barbara City College Music

Santa Barbara City College’s Music Department offers comprehensive programs and activities for students, including majors and non-majors alike. Students can take courses in creative and recreative realms of musical endeavor and enjoyment, as well as courses in commercial music, such as jazz, sound recording and electronic music. Other classes include song writing and arranging and instrumental instruction.

I was first approached by Santa Barbara City College to design a brochure to promote the music department to new prospective students. For the next four years, I designed an entire brand identity for the department through numerous follow-up work. This included redesigning their outdated website and social media promotional designs, fliers, posters, programs and more.
These are background design for the Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra Concert. As they present two inspiring original tone poems from talented composers Scott Lillard and Cody Anderson. The talented musicians have recorded their parts from home. The symphony’s conductor has assembled, synced, and placed the musician’s tracks in a simulated concert hall. 
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