Being My Best Matters


Rodrick Frazier was involved in a traumatic motorcycle accident in 2003. Doctors predicted he would never walk again or recover from such an injury, but he made a miraculous recovery after months of rehab and the help of his family and friends. Now he is determined to honor his recovery by sharing his story with the world by publishing his book “Like a Snowflake.”


As soon as Rod decided to publish his book, he called me to help him develop a marketing strategy. I was eager to assist him, since I have been aware of his story for many years and have witnessed his struggles and accomplishments. We created a website and blog where Rod could share weekly personal reflections and teasers for his book. 


Design Mediums

Branding | Blog Site | Social Media Campaign | Email Campaign | Live Video Streaming


In 2007, Rod became the “Poster-Man” for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. He was featured in ads on billboards, trains, buses, and signage all throughout Chicago. The rehabilitation slogan “Being the Best Matters” became Rod’s personal motto as he progressed in his recovery. 


I wanted to preserve the nostalgia of his personal experiences and honor his support by building a brand that feeds off his iconic achievement with a personal touch. Instead of being “the” best, Rod and every person among his audience must say “Being My best matters.” 

Social Media,
Blog, Email Campaign

For three months, I promoted the book launch through a social media marketing campaign. I promoted 2 post and 1 blog post a week. Facebook and Instagram post and stories funneled the audience to the landing page which directed the audience to join an email subscription to be notified of the book launch and new blog post. I then Directed and facilitated live-stream virtual book launch on simultaneously on zoom and Facebook live. On release date, sales soared immediately through Amazon and referrals from friends. With this success, Rod has now been invited to speak at several universities and rehabilitation centers.


  • 1st month, 574 organic website views.
  • 179% Increase of website views from marketing blog post.
  • 345 Virtual Visitors for live-stream book launch.
  • 200 Book sales post launch

livestream Book Launch

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